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Maintenance. Repair. Money. Those seem to be dirty words when concerning your daily driver vehicle. The thing is doing these items will make your daily driver last a lot longer than it takes: To find a new car Talk to the salesman Figure out a payment you can swing financially Take the time off work to go in and test drive the new one Fill out paper work Turn down unnecessary warranties and packages Figure out trade in value on your daily driver and figure out if you can live with the depreciated amount Have them get the car ready Then take your new car out Figure out what each new feature does Get your seat and mirrors just the way you want them Try and stay up on the maintenance on that new car at a dealer which may or may not be in your backyard or right around the corner (so add more driving time to get there) Dealing with them upselling more than what is needed on your brand new car, where you may or may not need to stay with your vehicle in a large waiting room listening to ele ... read more