How to redeem those prepaid Visa/Mastercard gift cards when theres only a couple dollars left

I have been battling how to use funds off these VISA and Mastercard giftcards that we get for rebates, and I knows that the customers have too, which have made the giftcard rebates unattractive to receive. After alot of research and alot of trial and error, I have found a good way to use them that has not added to my belt line and have had success with it. You will need an Amazon account. Below is the list of steps I use.

Step #1 - Gather all these cards

Check and make expiration dates are still good. You are going to call the number on the back and run through the prompts to find out the balance on the card. I reccommend writing the balance on the back.

Step #2 - Go to

Once you are on Amazon go to your account page. On your account page you will see the option for Gift balances click on that.

Step #3 - You are going to reload your gift balance

Click on reload your gift balance. when it asks how much, you are going to input the EXACT amount that you have on the card. I have already done below a dollar with no problems.

Step #4 - Add your card to payment information

When you get to payment information, you are going to need to add the card and make sure that the card is selected before hitting pay now

Step #5 - Make sure you get confirmation email

You should get a confirmation email with the updated balance on your gift card balance for amazon, then purchase something and enjoy.

And if that doesn't work, you can....

Ask Me, and I will show you, or go to Wendy's and drown your sorrows in a