So you need to make an appointment:

There are some items that need an attention that you should have ready to go before you call to make an appointment. It pretty much works for wherever you need to make a phone call, but you will quickly become a favorite if you were to do it for us. It makes our lives easier, and we can give you even better service.

Before you even think about calling you should have ready:

  • Be ready to supply your name, phone number, schedule, and which vehicle you are bringing in for service. We love talking to all our customers. We recommend lots of service. If you want us to be able to pull up your info, we need to know who you are, the best way to reach you, and which vehicle you are bringing. I hate getting the wrong parts or not getting ahold of you because of incorrect information.

  • Know what kind of service you need and have a complete list at the time of making an appointment. It’s great you want to make sure that your car is aligned, has a fresh oil change, mount 2 tires and replace 6 bulbs. That work all takes time to do. So, when you call and only schedule an oil change and add the rest when you show up with a tiny scrap of paper that may or may not fall in between the seats, it does tend to screw up our timetable. Our goal is to get the work done on your vehicle as efficiently and quickly as possible. How we make our money is to make sure that we have enough work to fill the day for each technician, we do allow a little wiggle room in our schedule, but if everyone adds on to their appointment, that wiggle room is used up and then we may not provide the best service possible to you.

  • You have a problem with your vehicle, we are happy to help. Instead of saying I think I need this, tell us what it is doing. Google is great to find out that you may need a wheel bearing because you get a vibration, but we need to know what problem you are having so we can correct it. You may be totally right that you need a wheel bearing, or the tires could have lost some weights. If we know what we are fixing, we can get it right the first time. Bonus points for intermittent problems if you can find a rhythm to when it happens. Does it happen in cold/ hot weather, turning left/ right, front/ back, radio on/ off, idling/moving, growling/squealing/rattling. These are all questions we will have, so if you have the answers ready to go, we can have a clear idea sometimes before you get here what’s going on.

Now we have before you call part down. Let’s talk about when you drop off the car. Great things to have ready

  • Keys, wheel locks, valid insurance and registration if getting state inspected. Other than the keys, everything else can be left in either the cup holder, or on the front seat. Easter egg hunts are cool when you are a kid, not when you are an adult trying to do your job.
  • Double checking work to be completed and if you found any other rhyme or reasons to your intermittent work to be completed.
  • Make sure phone number on file is correct, or if you have someone acting on your behalf make sure we have their phone numbers.
  • If you have scheduling conflicts- You can only answer the phone on your lunch break, or you are in classes until 4 and won’t pick up until after hours. It’s all good things to know.
  • Trash out of the front of the vehicle, or if we are doing something in the vehicle like fixing heat/ac problems which we need access to whole cabin, if it is clean and free of debris, we can take care of your belongings a lot better than if there is a ton of trash to negotiate around, and possibly lose an important paper without meaning to.

If you have these things ready to go, and we can give you the absolute best service possible. That’s our goal day in and day out best service possible, which we can do with your cooperation.