Preventing Major Repairs

Here is a good guideline for regular maintenance for your vehicle:

Change oil every 3000 miles for convential oil or every 5000 miles for synthetic.

Windshield wiper Blades

When to change them: Every 6 to 12 months or anytime they are torn.


When to change it: Every 5 years. Also check for corrosion, and you should have your battery tested prior to every winter to make sure it will hold up over the winter.

Brake Pads

You should have your brakes checked, if they are pulsating or it is taking longer than usual to stop your vehicle, or if they are are making sounds when pressing on the brake pedal. Also it is strongly recommended to have your brakes checked every time you are doing any routine maintenance.

Accessory Drive Belt

When to change it: Every 50,000 miles or 4 years.

Replace if you see glazing or cracking.


When to change it: Every 75,000 miles. It is recommended getting your coolant flushed every 2 years to keep your engine running at optimum performance and free of debris.

Air Filter for the Engine and Cabin Filter for inside the Vehicle.

When to change it: Every 12,000 miles.

Replace more often with commercial vehicles or if you are driving on country roads.


It is recommended that you rotate your tires every other oil change. If you do notice an uneven tread it might be a good idea to get an alignment and balance your tires. Replace your tires, if you notice they are unevenly worn inside or outside of the tread or if your tread is less than 3/32.

Spark Plugs

Replace based on manufacture suggestions

Worn spark plugs can cost you fuel mileage and performance issues.